DOVE September Shows Announced and DOVE/Wrestle Gate Participation

DOVE Pro’s annual Setouchi Summer Bomb event will be scheduled for 9/23. The location wasn’t announced, but is likely to be Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall. Also announced was a 9/16 show in Osaka.

DOVE Pro, 9/16/12
Osaka Hall TBA

DOVE Pro “Setouchi Summer Bomb”, 9/23/12
Hall TBA

Also this month 504, Sakigake, and Wrestle Gate home wrestler/DOVE regular SEIKI did several shows for FTO and Wrestling New Classic and Sakigake is scheduled for two more with Jun Kasai Productions’ Deathmatch Tournament. The Hiroshima show from WNC was from DOVE‘s home of the Industrial Hall.

WNC, 8/4/12
Hiroshima Industrial Hall
190 Fans
2. YO-HEY, Koji Doi [W] & Betcha HOGO (10:46 Diving Guillotine Drop) Yusuke Kodama, Akira Shinose [L]& Sawako Shimono
3. 3WAY Hardcore Match: Lin Byron (9:12 Rolling Press) Takuya Kito [L], 504
5. Starbuck, AKIRA [W] & Shuri (13:34 Musasabi Press) HANZO, Kana & SEIKI [L]

No results available for FTO’s Skull ☆ Sonic event. Credit to Purolove for WNC results.

Jun Kasai Productions, 8/19/12
Osaka Higashinari Inhabitants Ward Center
2. Weapon Deathmatch: Brahman Shu & Brahman Sakigake vs. Mototsugu Shimizu & Dyna Mido

Credit to Bahu for the Jun Kasai Productions information.


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