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DOVE 9/23 Card Revealed

The full card for “SETOUCHI SUMMER BOMB ’12” was announced. Kabuki Kid doesn’t appear to be on this show, but all the others are including some of the Osaka Pro crew. 504’s partner will be announced the day of the show.

Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall
1. Magnitude Kishiwada vs. Hikaru Maeda
2. Shoichi Uchida vs. Rey Paloma
3. X & 504 vs. HAYATA & Tadasuke
4. Souther & Sakigake vs. Yasu Kubota & Hide Kubota
5. DOVE World Heavyweight Title: Yuko Miyamoto (c) vs. Diablo



Taking place on Osaka Pro turf, OSAKA SUMMER BOMB saw the trio of Violent Revolution (504 & KABUKI KID) and Apple Miyuki defeated Glare’s HAYATA who was teaming up with Keita Yano and AK (who fell to 504) in hardcore action. In the semi-main event, former Osaka Pro member Shoichi Uchida pinned SUSUMU with a Styles Clash. The main event tag bout saw the Black Fuckers team of Magnitude Kishiwada & Diablo defeat DOVE Champion Yuko Miyamoto and former champion Sakigake! Diablo was able to pin the Champion with his Diablo Driver, giving Miyamoto a loss heading into the title defense at SETOUCHI SUMMER BOMB on 9/23.

Osaka Minami Move On Arena
158 Fans
1. Rei Paloma [O] & Hikari Maeda (12:29 Moonsault Press) Yuki Tanaka [X] & Gurukun Diver
2. Quiet Storm (7:17 Clothesline From New York) Souther
3. Hardcore Match: 504 [O], KABUKI KID, & Apple Miyuki (15:54 Body Lock) HAYATA, Keita Yano, & AK [X]
4. Shoichi Uchida (17:15 Styles Clash) SUSUMU
5. Diablo [O] & Magnitude Kishiwada (17:12 Diablo Driver) Yuko Miyamoto [X] & Sakigake

Osaka Summer Bomb Full Card Announced. SETOUCHI SUMMER BOMB ’12 Main Event

Bombs away! DOVE Pro will be getting both Osaka Pro and a bit of Okinawa Pro participation for their Osaka Summer Bomb showcase on 9/16.  The even will feature current 2-time DOVE Champion and BJW regular Yuko Miyamoto teaming up with former DOVE Champion and current 2-time DOVE Tag Champion Sakigake against former DOVE Tag Champions Black Fuckers.

DOVE Pro “Osaka Summer Bomb”, 9/16/12
Minami Move On Arena
1. Rey Paloma & Hikaru Maeda vs. Yuki Tanaka & Gurukun Diver
2. Quiet Storm vs. Souther
3. Hardcore Match: Keita Yano, HAYATA, & A.K vs. 504, Kabuki Kid, & Apple Miyuki
4. Shoichi Uchida vs. SUSUMU
5. Yuko Miyamoto & Sakigake vs. Magnitude Kishiwada & Diablo

In regards to DOVE’s big summer closing show SETOUCHI SUMMER BOMB, only the main event has been announced with Diablo challenging for the title. This will be Miyamoto’s first defense of the title since claiming it from Shoichi Uchida at BUMP BUMP Revolution 7 at the close of 2011. The usual suspects of Magnitude Kishiwada, DOVE home team, Violent Revolution, Wrestle Gate, and Shoichi Uchida are all scheduled to appear.

Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Exhibition Hall
1. DOVE World Heavyweight Title: Yuko Miyamoto (c) vs. Diablo