Taking place on Osaka Pro turf, OSAKA SUMMER BOMB saw the trio of Violent Revolution (504 & KABUKI KID) and Apple Miyuki defeated Glare’s HAYATA who was teaming up with Keita Yano and AK (who fell to 504) in hardcore action. In the semi-main event, former Osaka Pro member Shoichi Uchida pinned SUSUMU with a Styles Clash. The main event tag bout saw the Black Fuckers team of Magnitude Kishiwada & Diablo defeat DOVE Champion Yuko Miyamoto and former champion Sakigake! Diablo was able to pin the Champion with his Diablo Driver, giving Miyamoto a loss heading into the title defense at SETOUCHI SUMMER BOMB on 9/23.

Osaka Minami Move On Arena
158 Fans
1. Rei Paloma [O] & Hikari Maeda (12:29 Moonsault Press) Yuki Tanaka [X] & Gurukun Diver
2. Quiet Storm (7:17 Clothesline From New York) Souther
3. Hardcore Match: 504 [O], KABUKI KID, & Apple Miyuki (15:54 Body Lock) HAYATA, Keita Yano, & AK [X]
4. Shoichi Uchida (17:15 Styles Clash) SUSUMU
5. Diablo [O] & Magnitude Kishiwada (17:12 Diablo Driver) Yuko Miyamoto [X] & Sakigake


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