Dove Pro-Wrestling’s roster is made up of eight home team wrestlers and several freelancers–several of which are pretty much regulars who appear every show.

Below they are listed. If they are freelance or affiliated with a promotion, their affiliation tag will be next to their name. More known regular/semi-regular outsiders will be listed under their well known promotion with their affiliation next to them.

In this section’s drop downs only the native wrestlers’ profiles will be listed.

Rey Paloma
Tigre Oriental
Mighty Guy AKIRA
Hikaru Michimoto
Yuji Maeda

Violent Revolution

Black Fuckers
Magnitude Kishiwada [FREE]
Diablo [FREE]
Kurokage [FREE]

Shoichi Uchida [FREE]
Yuko Miyamoto [666]
SUSUMU [Wrestle Gate]
SEIKI [Wrestle Gate]
Nozomi Kubo [KAGEKI]
Koji Niizumi [KAGEKI]

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