Owner: 504
Hiroshima Prefecture, Chugoku, Honshu
Styles Presented: Puroresu, Lucharesu, Deathmatch

The initial ideas for Dove Pro-Wrestling were laid 2000 with a few shows until 2005 when it became a regular promotion under the leadership of 504 (who wrestles there and handles production and day to day operations). Their style is similar to say BJW or FREEDOMS, it has standard, non-gimmicked matches on its card, but hardcore and deathmatches are usually the main attraction.

In 2005 they established a dojo and began running shows in Osaka and working with Osaka Pro in later in the decade. They regularly work with Kyushu-based indies Wrestle Gate and KAGEKI. They have seen larger indy participation from ZERO1 with Masato Tanaka, BJW Takashi Sasaki and semi-regular Yuko Miyamaoto as well as from Michinoku Pro.



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